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Stapleton Music Lab Policies:

Stapleton Music Lab is a progressive program that offers registration for lessons throughout the year. Group workshops, classes, and certain group lessons are offered as they are introduced and available.

Payment Policy

Intro Packages: Each student may sign up for one intro package at Stapleton Music Lab, and they are billed at the time of booking. Intro package offers cannot be combined with any other offers.

Autopay/monthly: Our autopay/monthly rate is a discounted rate based on a one ­month commitment, whether that month contains three, four or five weeks of lessons (yearly average is four lessons). Holiday closures have been calculated into the monthly tuition rate. Billing occurs upon registration (online, on the phone, or in person) and continues on the same day of the month until withdrawal. To discontinue lessons and suspend automatic charges please notify Stapleton Music Lab one full month prior to your billing date. For example, if you plan to discontinue/suspend lessons in May, we will need to receive your written notice prior to your billing date in April. If no notice is given by the the billing date of the month before lessons are being discontinued/suspended, the student/parent will be responsible for the next full month’s tuition.

Single Lessons: Single ­lessons are billed at the time of booking (online, on the phone, or in person).

Group workshops: Group workshops with a finite number of sessions are billed at the time of booking (online, on the phone, or in person).


Tuition: Tuition and registration fees are non­refundable and non­transferable.


Intro Packages:

  • 30 minute intro lesson: $25

  • LabKit 4­pak: $109

  • LabKit 2­pak: $59


Private Lessons:

  • 30 minutes: $130 autopay/monthly, $36 single ­lesson

  • 45 minutes: $195 autopay/monthly, $53 single­ lesson

  • 60 minutes: $260 autopay/monthly, $70 single­ lesson

Our autopay/monthly rate is a discounted rate based on a month­-to-­month commitment, whether that month contains three, four or five weeks of lessons. If you are unable to commit to a month of lessons, the single lesson rates will apply. Save an average of $17 per month per student by enrolling in month­-to-­month autopay.

Group Lessons: Dependent on program
Group Workshops: Dependent on workshop

Forms of Payment: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.


Absences, Tardiness, and Make­-Up Lessons:

  • Stapleton Music Lab’s policies have been developed to encourage and promote the successful study of music in our students. Therefore, regular attendance by students is expected. Students who arrive late cannot be guaranteed a full class/lesson.

  • No make­ups are guaranteed for student absences for group classes, although one make­up session may be added to the end of the term at the discretion of Stapleton Music Lab.

  • Students receive one excused absence make­up lesson per quarter (Jan­Mar, Apr­June, Jul­Sept, Oct­Dec). An absence for any reason is considered excused if a minimum of 24 hour’s notice is provided by email or phone to Stapleton Music Lab. Contact information is available at www.stapletonmusiclab.com. An absence may be considered excused without advance notice if it is based on illness or injury of the student. Once a student has used his/her quarterly make­up lessons, additional absences due to illness may be made up with advance notice if a time should become available during the instructor’s regularly scheduled hours.

  • Make­up lessons are offered within the same week of the absence and are not guaranteed to be with the student’s regular instructor.

  • Make­up lessons missed by a student for any reason will not be rescheduled or refunded. Once scheduled, make­up lessons may not be rescheduled.

  • Students who withdraw from lessons forfeit any make­up lessons they are owed.

  • No make­up lessons or refunds are offered for absences determined to be unexcused. An absence for any reason is considered unexcused when at least 24 hour’s notice is not provided by email (info@stapletonmusiclab.com) or phone (720.­583.­4060) to Stapleton Music Lab, and no proof of injury or illness is presented. Contact information is also available at www.stapletonmusiclab.com.


Instructor Absences and Assignment:
We highly encourage our instructors to offer make­ups for all missed private lessons and group classes due to instructor absence. If the instructor is unable to provide a make­up lesson/class, Stapleton Music Lab reserves the right to replace instructors with qualified replacements. If no replacements are available, students will receive a credit on their next billing cycle (if autopay), or complimentary rescheduling (if single lesson).

Inclement Weather:
Weather closures at Stapleton Music Lab are aligned with Denver Public Schools. In the event of a Denver Public Schools weather closure, autopay/monthly students will be offered a makeup lesson in the same week. If no makeup time slot is available, autopay/monthly students will receive a credit on their next billing cycle. Single ­lesson students must reschedule their lesson to another available time slot.


Holiday Closures:
Stapleton Music Lab operates on a 49-­week per year schedule. Closures may include Spring Break, Thanksgiving week, and Christmas/New Year’s week. Closures due to holiday have already been calculated as part of the autopay/monthly lesson fees, and single ­lessons may or may not be offered during holidays. No makeup lessons are offered for holiday closures. You will be notified in advance of any exceptions.


Time Slot Hold:
Should a student require a break from lessons longer than 3 weeks, we offer a hold on your time-slot for $25/month.


Child Drop-­off:
When bringing your child to music lessons, make sure your child makes it to their lesson and the teacher is present. Please do not drop your child off in the parking lot or leave them unattended in the waiting room. Neither Stapleton Music Lab nor its staff or instructors are responsible for unattended students. Children in play area must be supervised by a parent or guardian.


Photographs and Video:
Any photographs, audio or videos of students or families on Stapleton Music Lab facilities and/or sponsored events may be used in promotional publications, website or press releases unless a written request is submitted during student registration.


Nondiscrimination Policy:
Stapleton Music Lab does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, nationality, ethnic origins, religious beliefs, gender, or sexual orientation in its employment practices or in the administration of its educational policies.


Policy Changes:
Stapleton Music Lab reserves the right to change policies, fees, or waivers at any time.

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